Here you will find a few examples of websites that have been designed and implemented by Uzori IT-Services.



Awo-Okukoro, Nigeria

A village community in Imo State, Nigeria.




Casava Transformation in Southern Africa.



JFM Publishing and Design Ltd, Sierra Leone

A one-stop shop for publishing and design services.



KB Consulting, Netherlands

A Dutch consulting company.


Mogabs Nigeria Ltd.

Designing and Constructing of Power Sub - Stations, Transmission and Distribution Lines - Medium and Low Voltage, Supplying of HV, MV and LV Materials and Allied Projects.


Morama Engaged

Increasing community awareness and utilization of indigenous grains

to improve nutrition security and livelihoods in Botswana and Namibia.


Rural Women Foundation, Nigeria

Working towards "sustainable development and food security of the rural women, women with HIV/AIDS, girl-child and out of school youths" through ensuring economic self-reliance and empowerment.