Internet services

Uzori IT-Services is a professional Internet service company that can help you to register your own private or business Internet domain name(s). You can use such a domain name to publish your own website on the Internet and to receive e-mail messages at your own domain name – e.g. for your website or for your e-mail addresses. This will enable you to present your organisation to your partners and customers in a very professional way.


You can use our services to host your website on secure Linux servers located in the Netherlands. We can guaranty you an uptime of over 99% so that your website will always be available. We can also help you to design a professional website, with the use of your own logo, house style, etc., or we can even create a complete web shop for you, all for a very reasonable price. We use a professional Content Management System (CMS) to design websites, so you will be able to maintain the content of your site by yourself and in a very easy way. Please contact us for a quotation.


We can also offer you reliable e-mail services, including an address list, agenda, task list, etc. - all accessible via a user-friendly web client system. To your customers this will look far more professional than the use of a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account. Additionally, we can offer you an off-line desktop client, installed on your local computer. In this way all information will still be available to you even without a current Internet connection. This means that you will be able to read, draft messages and update your calendar off-line. As soon as you are connected again to the Internet, all your data will automatically be synchronised. If you prefer, you can also use your own e-mail software like Outlook, Evolution, Thunderbird, or even your mobile telephone to access your e-mail messages through POP or IMAP.


We can offer you the following at a very reasonable price:

  • Your own domain name (.com, .org, .net, .biz, .name, .info or any other extention)
  • Your own website published on the Internet (including a free professional CMS system)
  • E-mail addresses and distribution lists for your own domain
  • Backup services of all your data
  • Access to our servers via a secure shell connection (e.g. Putty or WinSCP)